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Kerosyn's News

Posted by Kerosyn - May 15th, 2020

So I made that album a while ago. Still trying to work on new stuff but procrastinating way too much on that. That's not important though.

I decided to make stems for every track on the album, and make them all available to everyone. You can grab them on Mega, or find them on Splice. If you make music, go wild, do something cool, I want to hear it.

Posted by Kerosyn - September 19th, 2019

Well, it took literal years, but I did it. I made an album. Anyone who has known me for the past few years will attest to my horrendous procrastination, and then the part where I actually finished the music almost a year before the actual release… but it’s here now, and I’m very happy about it.

I’ve said this once before and now look back on it and laugh, but I’m going to dare to say it again. The production quality on this album is a quantum leap beyond everything I’ve put out until now. Even though I already look at this album and see a bunch of production errors that I now know how to avoid, I’m still fully confident in that statement. I’m particularly proud of the seamless transitions between tracks and the progression of the final track. But anyway, the music speaks for itself, I’m not writing a review of my own album, listen to it yourself.

You can do that here: https://srs.fanlink.to/towers

Sharing on twitter using that link will get you a free download of the whole thing in lossless format plus a bunch of bonus things. You can also download the tracks for free here on newgrounds but shh, that's a secret.

There's even CDs available. Maybe. They're never being reprinted so if they're gone when you read this, I guess they're not available are they?

mogy did some fantastic work on the artwork for this album, so big thanks there.


Also have to thank Rain, Madbuns, and wrathes for bringing the character designs to life with me, A Cerulean State for helping me with the more delicate piano work in track ten, vert-hex and epi- chord for lending me their keen ears in the mixing process, a certain person for dealing with my shenanigans and procrastination for literal years to bring this story together, and the Tripulse community for being cool people, sticking with me, and being so supportive.

Oh, and thanks to you too if you like any of this, or support my album or whatever. I appreciate you.

I will now sleep for 300 years.